Looking forwards and backwards

In Roman mythology, the god Janus had 2 faces: one looking backwards, towards the past, and the other looking forwards, into the future. It said that this is why the first month of the year, January, is so called.

The beginning of a new year (and in this case, a new decade) is traditionally a time when we take stock of the year(s) gone by: what successes we enjoyed; what challenges we faced; what lessons we learned; and what we can ‘leave behind’. This latter idea of letting things go can sometimes feel daunting – even scary – especially as habits tend to become comforting in their familiarity. Ultimately we always have the choice to walk away from people, places, or things that cause us harm, or are out of step with our values. For me, this is anything which places me further away from my authentic self, which is trying to live my life with purpose, curiosity, imagination and love.

The start of the year is also an ideal time for setting intentions, resolutions, and contemplating going outside of our comfort zone with regards new goals. The Trek Nepal challenge which is the subject of this blog falls squarely within that bracket for me.

When setting resolutions, I always think about what my small wins would look like, as well as my larger, more ambitious targets, as both are equally meaningful. The important thing is that my resolutions are personal to me, and that they are for me alone. By this I mean that they are aligned with my true self, rather than being about trying to impress another person, or pleasing my ego. I also like to share some of my personal goals in order to keep myself accountable.

To this end, I commit to posting to this blog on a regular basis until the end of my Trek Nepal challenge. The intention of this blog is to provide joy, to connect to others who are undertaking or who have undertaken similar challenges, and to educate readers about Nepal and WaterAid, and what each and every one of us can do to make a difference.

I know that this challenge is not only going to be about the physical aspect for me, or about keeping my fundraising commitments to myself, to WaterAid, and to those who have selected me to take part in this trek. There will also be an element of a spiritual and mental challenge as I open myself up in this blog and share honestly about my vulnerabilities and any inner discoveries over the next 10 months.

I hope you enjoy reading and that I hear back from some of you, should you be inspired to share some thoughts or experiences if you have been on a similar journey.


PS – I am also going to put the link to my JustGiving page at the end of every post – if you have enjoyed reading my story and would like to sponsor me, then you can do so here (but absolutely no pressure if you just want to check out the content!). Please copy and paste the link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/katesnepaltrek

Published by KateConnolly

In October 2019, I was going through a low point with regards my sense of self worth. I was searching for purpose but I was finding it hard to stay positive. One afternoon, an opportunity came across my desk at work: the company I work for partners with WaterAid, and I had been sent the application form whereby 10 selected employee volunteers would be invited to participate in a "Trek Nepal" challenge in October 2020, to support an initiative to deliver clean water solutions to remote communities. Despite my feeling low at the time, when I read the email there was a little spark inside of me which told me I would regret it if I didn't apply, so I decided to do my future self a favour and fill out the form. One month later I received the amazing news that I was one of the successful applicants and that I would be participating in the trek. This is my first time fundraising for anything and I know that this whole experience will be an immensely enriching personal challenge so I have decided to document my journey - both inner (discovery) and outward (training, fundraising and the trek) - in this blog.

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