Do you choose to be “A Part” of; or “Apart” from?

It would be remiss of me to think that I could continue this blog without further alluding to or mentioning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact. I am still hoping that it will not mean that I am unable to participate in Trek Nepal in October but that is a potential implication. Per my previous post, for the moment I am carrying on as though everything is still going ahead.

Earlier today I happened across this letter which was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald to (presumably) a friend in the midst of the outbreak of Spanish flu. What struck me was the universal truth that during a pandemic such as the one we are currently facing, everyone thinks that it is unique to them and their lifetime. History has shown that in fact, to the contrary, humans before us have experienced outbreaks such as this; and will continue to do so after we are gone. We are not terminally unique. History repeats its lessons in different guises to each generation.

If this is an inevitable part of being human, how can we empower ourselves? For me, the most powerful part of the letter was Fitzgerald’s final thought, about choosing to focus on a brighter future. Ultimately we all have a choice: we can decide how to respond to these external events that we have no control over.

We can choose: to look towards the light; or towards the darkness.

We can choose: to go through this alone; or to harness the comfort to be taken in connecting to others.

We can choose: to help others where we can; or to ignore the fact that we might be luckier than some.

We can choose: to be a part of; or apart from.



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