Do you choose to be “A Part” of; or “Apart” from?

It would be remiss of me to think that I could continue this blog without further alluding to or mentioning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact. I am still hoping that it will not mean that I am unable to participate in Trek Nepal in October but that is a potential implication. Per my previousContinue reading “Do you choose to be “A Part” of; or “Apart” from?”

5 lessons I have learned for when I am faced with a challenge

Shift your Perspective Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending a talk given by Major Tim Peake, where he shared with us the story of his voyage into space. He also showed the photographs he had taken of the earth from space, and as I gazed at one particularly awe inspiring photo ofContinue reading “5 lessons I have learned for when I am faced with a challenge”

How to organise a fundraising event for the 1st time

One of the main reasons that the Trek Nepal experience is a great personal challenge for me is that this is my first ever time fundraising. I was brought up with that terribly British mentality when it comes to the foibles and faux pas of discussing money, therefore truthfully, I find the idea of activelyContinue reading “How to organise a fundraising event for the 1st time”

Commitment No. 2

My second commitment is that I will learn at least one new thing each week about Nepal between now and when I depart for the trek in October. Why have I decided this? Partly because my journey to Nepal is imbued with a particular sense of purpose (provided by WaterAid). I go there armed withContinue reading “Commitment No. 2”


Earlier this week, I was thinking about how often we start something for one reason, but end up carrying it on for a completely different reason. I took up yoga, for example, primarily for the physical benefits: to change my body and to improve my posture. A few years later and I am still practising,Continue reading “Reflecting”

Commitment No. 1

Between now and October I intend to make mini personal commitments, in order to signpost the “inner” aspect of this journey. My first commitment is that I will try to remain fully present and grounded in the here and now. This commitment is firstly to remind myself that I do not have the power toContinue reading “Commitment No. 1”

Reality Checklist

Over the Christmas break I received my trek checklists from WaterAid (for packing, for training etc), making this feel so much more real. What I have learned so far: I need to buy lots of things I don’t have – I have already decided that a good sleeping bag is a non-negotiable. I will beContinue reading “Reality Checklist”